Naperville IL.


Thank you very much we met at the Naperville carnival and you truly inspired me to write with all of my heart and to never give up.  Today I plan on starting a story I'm not sure when it will be ready but I plan on making a website with the story drafts and ideas that I have come up with.  I just really wanted to thank you, because you made it clear to me what I want to do with my imagination.  Also I will probably finish Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy today as I only have about 60 pages left it is amazingly well written and I feel like you can just escape there, like you are in the story.  Once again I wish to thank you.  I hope we can stay in touch, and I look forward to reading the next book.  If you want I can send you the link to my website (after I make it of course.)  


- Krysta Ann Utter

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Kim Krueger  815-919-0053