For teachers

We would love to come to your school, library or event. We will bring sculptures of a few of the characters and read a chapter or two. We also happy to share about believing in yourself and following your dreams, whether it be writing, art, science, sports, math or whatever else your heart desires. If you Believe you can, you can accomplish your goals.

“We are excited to announce the completion of a brand new curriculum for our first book Traegonia The Sunbow Prophecy. The curriculum is focused toward grades 4th thru 6th but could easily be adapted to other grades as well. Feel free to download the curriculum for use in your classrooms, free of charge. You may contact us directly for quantity discounts on the book or to have us come visit your school. We always bring with us several of the characters which always serves to intrigue and inspire students of all ages. You may contact us directly at or 815-919-0053. We hope you and your students enjoy the Sunbow Prophecy and all it has to teach.”

Contact us with your request.

Kim Krueger  815-919-0053